?Challenges and Gaps in Medical Technology Innovation

Healthcare and Medical Technology Innovations is a key driver for healthcare transformation. Singapore's Healthcare and Medical Technology Start-ups have grown signifcantly over the years. However, there are gaps in translating and commercialising these outputs.

1. Clear definition and understanding of unmet clinical problem statements
2. Unable to engage clinicians to tap on their expertise 
3. Difficult to access to clinical facilities
4. Unable to perform clinical validation
5. Lack of clinical reference sites to adapt successful products

How We Can Help

?Clinical Needs Mining
Work with clinical experts to understand unmet clinical needs
Suppoer your innovation with internal and external grants?
Academic and Industry Partners
Collaborate with credible partners?
?Clinical Validation
Collaborate on pre-clinical and clinical trials
?Test Bedding
Test your product in real clinical settings
?Systematic Process
Proven process to guide you from idea to commercialisation

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