?Programme Structure



The month long orientation provides MAs with a comprehensive view of the various functions within healthcare. It includes presentations given by directors and learning on-the-ground.

Structured Job Attachments (7/8) months

MAs will be exposed to the wide spectrum of healthcare operations through the job attachments, giving them a holistic understanding of the various functions within this industry. MAs will be assigned to 3 different departments, one from each different functional group, and each posting spans a period of 7 to 8 months. The functional groups include the following:

Patient Operations

MAs can expect themselves to be involved in projects that affect our patients' experiences. These include departments such as Clinic Operations, Allied Health Services and Pharmacy.

Support Operations & Services

MAs will have the opportunity to experience healthcare from behind the scenes. These include departments like Facilities Development Office, Resource Management and Emergency Planning.

Corporate and Strategic Planning

MAs will be exposed to healthcare administration and planning from a macro perspective. These include departments like Population Health, Organisational Development, Planning and Development.

Graduation from Programme

After 24 months, MAs will graduate from the programme and be placed in full time positions in the respective institutions to deepen their skills in a particular department

Learning Opportuniites

?MA Club Sessions

?MA club sessions are held for MAs to learn from invited speakers on various topics and learn from each other's department postings.

?Professional Development Programme

?MAs are sent for developmental programmes such as Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and Project Management. These programmes are designed to help MAs expand their business and technical knowledge.

?Developmental Projects

?On top of individual departmental activities, MAs will also be given the opportunity to interact with stakeholders from various departments to plan and manage projects outside the scope of their job postings.


Each MA will be assigned a coach to guide them throughout the duration of the programme. Coaches provide an alternative perspective for MAs and act as mentors and counsellors.

?Engagement with Senior Management

?MAs will be constantly challenged to go beyond their limits and expand their horizons. MAs will be given opportunities to engage Senior Management and learn from their experiences.